The chef’s great delight. Simple. Tasty. Well made.


Lunch menu

A nice lunch means a good day. Our summer lunch menu consists of a fine selection of hearty, tasty, well-presented meals made from top quality ingredients. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am – 4 pm.



Sunday brunch is an excellent opportunity to gather the family together for a meal in an attractive setting, enjoy a relaxing meal with your partner, or meet friends for a chat over great food and drinks. Every Sunday from 12 noon until 4 pm.



From our dinner menu you can choose either small or larger meals. Everything is delicious, so it is probably quite difficult to make a wrong choice. Or, how about ordering an eight-course meal for an unforgettable dining experience?



Spiseriet is responsible for everything that is served in the Stavanger Concert Hall. We customize the menus according to the season and the size of the arrangement.


Bar menu

We have a rich bar menu that can satisfy all thirsty palates, whether you want wine, beer, mineral water or anything else. And if you are a little hungry, we can offer the cured meats from Tind, nuts and chips.