Our premises

A visit to Spiseriet in Stavanger is an experience for more senses than taste alone.   We are so lucky; we can welcome you to a fabulous view of the mountains and fjord.  We are located in one of Europe’s finest concert halls which means that we can offer cultural arrangements unlike any other restaurant in the City.  The premises are large, open, bright and welcoming.   In addition, the multi-story parking facilities are just across from our front door, which makes for extremely easy access.

Years of experience

Creating a good restaurant is a complicated affair.   Our guests pay for an experience out of the ordinary, and that’s exactly what we shall deliver – every time. It requires knowledge and expertise, and our team has a great deal of experience in this field.  With this in mind we are confident that you will leave our premises pleased and satisfied.  Welcome to our restaurant on the waterfront in Stavanger.

Talented staff

For us at Spiseriet, good food and service are of the utmost importance. Good food and service deserve each other.   One cannot survive in this branch without both.   Good service for us means not only having an excellent knowledge of food and wine, but also understanding our customers wishes.   We work hard to create unforgettable dining experiences, whether it’s a simple lunch or a few hours dining experience.   Top-trained chefs can see endless opportunities in the raw materials and are delighted to see our guests happy.  We offer lunch, dinner and a well-stocked bar, and are open for both casual drop in visitors, as well as pre booked arrangements for small or large groups.

Our Vision

Spiseriet is a great place for enjoyable experiences that remain in the memory of our guests.   We love to eat, drink, and be exceptional hosts.   We look forward to sharing our enthusiasm with you!

We know the secret of success lies in the detail, and we aim to create a restaurant visit perfectly suited to each guest. It’s great to eat delicious food with nice people.   It can even be o.k. to eat with boring people, so long as the food is excellent.  And that it is with us!

A very warm welcome to Spiseriet, and a dining experience you won’t forget!