General Manager

Sigurdur Runar Ragnarsson, an Icelander, is passionate about Nordic cooking with a focus on using short-lived raw materials from sustainable production.  Throughout the cooking profession Icelanders have always sought to find the origin of the raw materials, discover their history and develop their potential.

As a child he got free rein in the kitchen. Just nine-years-old, he worked at his parent’s stock fish factory. He knew early on in his young life that he wanted to work with food.

Sigurd has a long restaurant experience. He has participated and trained in many competitions. He has gained a unique insight and experience in the cookery profession. He has organized Junior Chef of the Year in Iceland, and was coach for the winning team in the Nordic Cup for chefs in Odense, Denmark as well as being a judge in the competition. He was awarded a gold and silver medal in the World Culinary Grand Prix Scothot as team leader for the Icelandic Junior Cook Country Team.  “It’s important to strengthen the bond between suppliers, manufacturers and end-users and understand each other’s needs”.

The main focus is on building up Spiseriet in the best possible way, guiding and supporting the chefs, young apprentices and waitresses.

Chef de partie

The «foody», Marius Dragsten Kjelsrud from Stjørdal in Trønderlag, likes to compete and already has an exceptional track record.  

For the past two years, Marius has been part of the team of Christian André Pettersen who was awarded bronze during Bocuse d´Or 2019. This year Marius competes for the title of Chef of the Year 2019, and is about to become Norway’s new representative in the Bocuse d´Or. He has previously competed in three Norwegian Championships, and was award second place in Trondheim in 2016.

After completing his apprenticeship at Credo in Trondheim, Marius worked in New Zealand as well as at the Michelin restaurant Søllerød Inn, Copenhagen, for three years.

In Norway, where seafood is of first-class quality, grilled sea crawfish is a favourite raw material. “As a chef, there is plenty of room for development. One also gets to use the creative side in cooking, as well as to challenge oneself.”

Sous chef

Caroline Øverland is one of Stavanger’s brightest stars in the catering world. She has managed to achieve much during her time in the white jacket. She completed her apprenticeship at Renaa’s restaurants and has previously been a chef at Café de France and sous chef at Kitchen and Table.  

Caroline has been active in the competition world and has great ambitions. She competed in the Seafood Chef of the year 2015, won the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs. She has also participated in numerous apprenticeships such as the Rogalandscupen, Commis at Norwegian Championships and was third in the Norges Cup.

She is passionate about guests being able to experience memorable meals at Spiseriet. Good food and a nice experience are something she can guarantee when you visit. Spring vegetables are something she always looks forward to. In the coldest months, the seas resources gets most of her attention: “I love everything from the sea”, says Caroline.

Sous chef

As a two-year-old Magnus Thorri Johnsson played with saucepans rather than cars. Early on, he had a passion for food and that he is practicing today.

Already as a 13-year-old Magnus worked in the kitchen and at the salad counter in his home village of Mývatn in Northern Iceland.  Just three years later he and a friend ran a café. After attending the cook school, he worked as a chef for five years at the Hilton Hotel in Reykjavík. Then it was back to his village where he opened a café seating 100 guests. Upon receipt of a phone call from the General Manager Sigurdur Runar Ragnarsson from Spiseriet, he was offered the position of Chef for Stavanger Forum, which he promptly accepted. Nine years later they still work together.

He was young chef of the year three years running, and he also took part in the Junior National team three times. Simultaneously he worked as an assistant to the Senior National Team whilst still attending cookery school.

Magnus sets local food high on his list, and appreciates the smaller farmers. “Talking with the suppliers is like meeting a family member. A good relationship results in good food with the best ingredients”.

Chef de cusine

Andrè Hovdenakk Slettevoll is a well-versed culinary master, and has previously regaled pots and flavours in the kitchens of Restaurant Gamlaværket, Statoil and Restaurant Renaa in Stavanger. 

In 2013 he participated in the Norwegian Championships of Master Culinary and head of the cookery team who won the Norwegian Cup for apprentices in 2014, and took third place in the Nordic Championship in 2015.

André gets his inspiration from his childhood and the food of his grandparents: “Healthy dark deer, cod, strawberry jam, soft home-made buns and something so simple as a cup of rhubarb with sugar, are just some of the ideas I got from them”. As the manager of the kitchen he is equally concerned about the welfare of his team, and just as important is that the guests are happy too and wish to return.